Alachua County Dental Association
An affiliate of the Florida and American Dental Associations

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Who We are...

Who We Are

 Organizational Structure

Our Officers


 Who We Are

The Alachua County Dental Association is 130+ dentist members
 dedicated to the Gainesville area community and to their patients

We make Kids and Adults Smile.  Our members participated in the national program Give Kids a Smile  and our efforts were
recognized with a $5,000 dental school scholarship from the American Dental Association.
 Our members are also involved in other patient care projects of a voluntary nature
such as WeCare, Project Dentists Care, the Acorn clinic in Brooker, FL, etc.

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Our 2016-17 Officers are:

  President: Dr. Andrew Martin  
  President Elect: Dr. Jennifer Day  
  Treasurer: Dr. William Witt  
  Executive Secretary: Jim O'Quinn  
  Director 2016-2018: Dr. Yvette Godet  
  Director 2016-2018: Dr. Gabe Nossa  
  Director 2016-2018:

Director 2015-2017:

Dr. Stephen Goldfaden

Dr. Gabe Spooner 

  Director 2015-2017: Dr. William Storoe  
  Director 2015-2017: Dr. Enrique Vargas   

Immediate Past-President:

Dr. Samuel Markham




Dr. Ian Dennis
  Ethics:   Dr. Patricia Tapley  
  Membership:   Dr. Gary Altschuler  
  Nominating:   Dr. Enrique Vargas  
  Peer Review:   Dr. Wade Townsend  
  UFCD Liaison/Student Coordinator:   Dr. James Haddix  
  Community Care/Project Dentist Care:   Dr. Gabe Nossa  
  Insurance:   Dr. James Paladino  
Public Relations: Dr. Bert Hughes
Children's Dental
Health Month, Give Kids a Smile:
Dr. Douglas Adel
Programs: Dr. Jennifer Day
Direct Assignment: Vacant
SFCC Liaison: Dr. Brian Decker, Karen Autry
Alachua County Health Board: Dr. William Witt
WeCare: Jim O'Quinn
FDA House delegate 16-17 Dr. James Paladino
  FDA House delegate 16-17   Dr. Gary Altschuler  
FDA House delegate 16-17 Dr. Sam Markham
Alternate Delegate Dr. Suzie Theims-Heflin 
Alternate Delegate Dr. Wade Townsend
Alternate Delegate Dr. Bert Hughes
Web site: Dr. Andrew Martin

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